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Artist: The Velvet Underground
Track: Lady Godiva’s Operation
Album: White Light/White Heat
Year: 1968
Theme: Healthcare

One of the few VU songs to feature the great John Cale on lead vocals and one of the most disturbing songs ever recorded. I love it. (I know putting it in the theme of healthcare is a bit of a stretch though haha)

I think for the first time in my life, I know what it feels like to be in love.

I think I’ll always remember tonight. That feeling of holding each other and when we kissed each other for the first time and just never wanting it to end. I’m almost in disbelief that it happened, I never felt anything like I felt when I was holding her and kissing her. It’s a kind of happiness I never could have even dreamed of. It was real and it was beautiful and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to think about anything else until I see her again.

I’m a pretty new viewer to Louie and I literally just watched this episode a few days ago and was thinking about how great an actor he is.  After I heard about his death, this scene kept playing in my mind over and over again.  I think I need to watch this episode again.

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David Lynch guest starring on Louie is the greatest thing to ever happen on television.

"He’s a very literal man."

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I’ve been watching Louie on Netflix and I don’t know what I expected…

But I certainly did not expect a show that is certainly funny but also incredibly sincere and moving and very often quite sad.  I’d been familiar with Louis C.K. as a comedian but did not think he’d be such a brilliant writer and director and even actor.  He’s made a show unlike anything else I’ve ever seen on television before and I can’t stop watching it.

I had my second date with this girl and I like her so much, she’s so sweet and pretty and I just love talking to her and I can’t stop thinking about her. She hugged me for the first time today after I drove her home and it made me so happy. I know it’s no big deal but I don’t know, I just can’t wait to see her again.