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Jenny Lewis is a cutie and her new album is awesome.

I’m listening to a Velvet Underground live bootleg.

And Maureen Tucker’s singing “After Hours” and it’s so sweet and adorable and then in the middle of it some asshole in the audience yells “FUCK OFF!”  I don’t care if it was directed towards Moe or not, but either way, how rude, man.  During any song, that’s rude but especially during “After Hours,” such a sweet quiet song and the only one that Moe gets to sing.  And yeah, this is during the Doug Yule led era of the band, they were pretty much at the bottom of the barrel at this point and not even really the Velvet Underground anymore (I was listening mostly for curiosity’s sake) but still, Moe Tucker is the real deal. So no, you fuck off (and yes, I do realize i’m saying this to some anonymous dude on a 43 year old tape recording).  Maybe he was so drunk/stoned/ignorant, he didn’t realize that sweet little singer was one of the most badass rock drummers around.  She should have thrown one of her mallets at his head.

I don’t know why people feel they need to take sides in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Neither side is completely innocent but neither side is completely guilty either. I do think Hamas has made victims out of both sides though. They’re the real villains in the story.

So I took that girl out for pizza and it was really nice and she’s awesome and adorable and we talked a lot and when I got home, I texted her and told her I had a good time and she told me that she had fun too.  I feel really happy. :)


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did the girl you asked out say yes?

She did, we might go out tomorrow night! :)